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21.07.2011: "Arctic Riders 11"

The Most Northern International Bike Festival “Arctic Riders 11” Again Invites You from August 12th-14th, 2011!


Motoclub “Murman Riders” will happily welcome all club’s representatives as well as “free” bike amateurs. Having arrived into Murmansk, you will evaluate the beauty of northern latitudes and assure yourself that Murmansk people are the most outgoing and warm-hearted.

During three days of the fest you will get to know more things than during the long way to Kola Peninsula.

Active program for foreign guests won’t let them sleep, moreover, nights in Murmansk region last for only 2 hours in the middle of August.

Murmansk is a port city where it’s not allowed to sail in non-freezing Kola Bay, but there is opportunity to visit the first in the world ice-breaker “Lenin”. The zest for fest participants will be visiting Lovozero with its indigenous people of Kola region - Saami.

If you are on “Arctic Riders” it’s real to touch the northern reindeers, to listen to shamanistic songs and to gather mushrooms in the forest. Headliners of the coming fest will be legendary Russian rock-groups. The territory will be equipped with professional sound and light. Festival “Arctic Riders” is a guarantee of qualitative music. You can stay either in tent camp where you will fall asleep under the sounds of live music and awake under the bike roars or to stay in comfortable hotels.

Festival is a good chance to share your information with others, to get known about moto journeys from experienced riders of foreign roads as well as Russian roads. For fans of moto adventures there is a chance to have a cool party in the multilingual moto hangout.

On “Arctic Riders” you can meet old friends and make friends with iconic persons of motosphere , if you wish you can take your steel horse and continue your journey along Scandinavia up to North Cape - the most northern point of Europe situates only in 700 km from us.

Festival prepares a lot of surprises for guests and participants of “Arctic Riders-2011”, but mainly, it guarantees lots of positive emotions.

Festival program

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