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10.08.2011: Places of Registration for the Motofest Arctic Riders

There will be no paper tickets, only bracelets!!!! If you plan to enter the fest (either it’s “Ogni Murmanska” or under the bridge) on your bike, than you need to be registered together with your bike! The bike will have its own bracelet with the same number as the driver has. The bike will be allowed to leave the fest territory if the numbers will match each other. If there is no bracelet on the bike, it’s not allowed on the territory of the fest (neither under the bridge, not to the base camp at “Ogni Murmanska”). PLACES OF REGISTRATION: 9-10.08.11 (TUE, WED) – 12.00-19.00 shop “Gas do Otkaza”, Marata str. 1. 10.08 (WED) – 19.30-21.00 – training motofield at the Low Road. 11.08 (THUR) – 16.00 – 18.00 – “Ogni Murmanska”, 19.30 – night club “Arctica”. 12.08 (FRI) – from 12.00 - “Ogni Murmanska”. 13.08 (SAT) – from 09.00 - “Ogni Murmanska”, from 15.00 – checkpoint before the entry under the bridge. PRICE: 1000 RUR – a participant – included: chevron, headnecker, breakfast on Fri, Sat, Sun (from 9.00 till 11.00 at“Ogni Murmanska”), entry to all places of the fest with a bike (bracelet for the bike is obligatory), secured bike parking (at “Ogni Murmanska” from Fri till Sun and under the bridge from 16.00 Sat till 12.00 Sun), right for living in the camp. 500 RUR – a passanger – includes nothing except the right to enter on the bike or by foot to all fest places as well as camp living. The holders of bracelets for 500 RUR are NOT ALLOWED  to be at the secured bike parking. Viewers who doesn’t have bracelets are not allowed to“Ogni Murmanska”. On Saturday they go by foot under the bridge – free!