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08.11.2011: November 20th Universal Children's Day

November 20th - Universal Children's Day! November 20 marks the day that the UN adopted in 1959 the Declaration of Human Rights of the Child, and in 1989 - the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Many holidays have appeared in our calendar on the initiative of the UN. One of them - the World Children's Day (Universal Children's Day), which is celebrated in all 129 countries that are members of the UN. This holiday is designed to draw attention to the rights of children around the world and to direct the activity of the international community to improve the situation of children worldwide. In connection with this day all indifferent riders are invited to participate in two events: November 18 (Friday) at 15.00 – to attend kindergarten № 97 (address: Str. Labor Reserves/Trudovye Reservy, 7) a group for children with disabilities. The program - the kids performance, outdoor games, watching a movie about children’s problems, tea party, photoshoot, November 20 (Sunday) - a trip to the orphanage "Ogonek" Olenegorsk. We accept gifts for the children and good stuff!

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